Town & Style - October 2, 2013

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Town & Style - October 2, 2013

Evolution Fitness co-founder and personal trainer Eric Emig shares his insights for building muscle for Town & Style readers… If you’ve ever struggled with building lean muscle, see Eric’s recipe for success below!

Building Muscle

“You don’t have to lift really heavy weights to build muscle,” says Eric Emig, a personal trainer at Evolution Fitness. “Most men are guilty of lifting as heavy as they can in the gym to impress others. But this type of thinking will only get them hurt. The key to building muscle is following proper exercise form and technique, along with proper rest and nutrients.”

The best way to build muscle is to use a weight that allows eight to 10 repetitions, with a maximum of 45 seconds rest between sets, Emig says. “It sounds easy, but this kind of training is very physically demanding,” he notes. “After gains begin to plateau, changes to the workout must be made, including changing exercises, repetitions, weight and rest time.”

Always include some cardiovascular exercise in your training, even when your goal is to gain muscle, Emig advises. “You need about 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, three days per week. But don’t overdo it – too much cardiovascular exercise can actually burn muscle.”

Diet plays an important role in building muscle, too. “First, you have to consume enough calories to build muscle. It’s nearly impossible to gain muscle on a low-calorie diet,” Emig says. “Second, you have to consume the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.” He recommends a 50/30/20 nutrient regimen: “Your intake should consist of 50 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 20 percent healthy fats,” he says. “Your pre-workout meal should consist of high protein and moderate carbs, while post-workout should consist of moderate protein and high carbs for recovery.” Finally, you should eat every three hours: “It keeps the nutrients available to build muscle and helps you maintain a high metabolism.”

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