Kettle-bells Versus Weightlifting

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Kettle-bells Versus Weightlifting

While many independent modalities suggest they can replace all other weightlifting, research has not supported the marketing clamor. In a recent research investigation, traditional weightlifting exercises were compared to kettlebell training on several measures of fitness.

The study compared the effects of 6 weeks of traditional heavy resistance training exercises vs. kettlebell training on strength and power. Thirty healthy, college-aged males were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: (a) weightlifting, or (b) kettlebell. Each subject trained twice a week for a period of six weeks. Weeks 1-3 subjects performed 3 sets × 6 reps of (a) high pulls or (b) kettlebell swings, 4 sets × 4 reps (a) power clean or (b) accelerated swings, and 4 sets × 6 reps (a) back squats or (b) goblet squats; the volume increased during weeks 4-6 to 4 sets × 6 reps, 6 sets × 4 reps, and 4 sets × 6 reps, respectively.

Participants were assessed for height (in centimeters), body mass (in kilograms), and body composition (skinfolds). Initial strength measures were determined using a 1RM (repetition max) back squat and power was assessed by the vertical jump and 1RM power clean. The results of this study indicated that both short-term weightlifting and kettlebell training were effective in increasing strength and power in healthy males. However, the gain in strength using weightlifting movements was significantly greater than kettlebell training. Neither method of training led to significant changes in power. The lesson learned, is that although it is good to switch up your routine from time to time, weightlifting is key to building strength.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2012

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