Trampolines: Not Just For Kids Anymore!

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Trampolines: Not Just For Kids Anymore!

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t set foot on a trampoline since you were a kid. However, the mini trampoline can deliver an amazing low-impact workout that almost anyone can do. And for only around $60, you can work your entire body from head to toe.

Three circuit workouts each week can scorch body fat while improving endurance, coordination, and strength. Pick 8-10 moves and do each one for 30-60 seconds depending on your fitness level. Beginners should go through the routine once or twice, while the advanced can try it two to three times. If necessary, rest for up to 30 seconds between moves to catch your breath. Some of the more popular moves you can do are Twisters, Mountain Climbers, Russian Kicks, Incline Push-Ups, Air Jacks, Open-Door Planks, Low-Squat Hops, and Plank Bridges. All of these exercises can be modified to your fitness level. So what are you waiting for? Jump to it or contact us for more information!

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