Soda and sugary drinks are bad for your health, but did you know just how bad they really are???

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Soda and sugary drinks are bad for your health, but did you know just how bad they really are???

By now, most of us know that sodas and other sugary drinks (collectively “sugary beverages”) are just plain bad for us. But for most folks, the knowledge ends there… Recently, some new studies have revealed just how bad sugary drinks are. And it will most certainly surprise you… and even scare you!

Obesity – sugary beverages –even just one a day – interact with your genes that affect weight, and pack on the pounds. And the opposite is true – staying away from sugary drinks can combat one’s genetic predisposition to obesity. A decades’ long study published online by the New England Journal of Medicine involving over 33,000 Americans yielded the proof. Most of us have at least some genes that predispose us to weight gain. But what the study showed was that independent of other habits, such as overeating or lack of exercise, consumption of sugary beverages seemed to signal our weight gain genes into gear causing weight gain. Even more frightening is that sugary drinks are the single biggest source of calories in the American diet! Yes, these beverages – often referred to as “empty calories” because of their little or no nutritional value – are blamed for the fact that today one-third of children and teens and two-thirds of adults are obese or overweight. Especially with children, the new studies showed that limiting sugary drinks can make a difference and combat child obesity. In fact, Dr. David Ludwig of Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Harvard’s School of Public Health said, “I know of no other single food product whose elimination can produce this degree of weight change.” So next time your shopping for a beverage – be it for lunch or at the supermarket – remember that sugary drinks come with a cost, and the cost are unwanted pounds, obesity, and all the obesity related diseases down the line!

For more information, log onto the New England Journal of Medicine

Did you know soda… even diet soda… is directly related to strokes, heart attacks, liver disease, weight gain, osteoporosis, and Type 2 Diabetes?

Stroke & Heart Disease - While there are studies linking sugary drinks with cardiovascular disease, the newest finds that drinking just ONE soda every day raises women’s risk of ischemic stroke (a blockage of an artery in the brain) by 83%!!! An earlier study this year showed that drinking a diet soda everyday resulted in a higher risk of heart attack and stroke for women. But men are also affected. Another Harvard study showed that men increased their risk of coronary heart disease by 20%. These findings are especially alarming given that a recent Gallup study showed that nearly half of all Americans drink one soda every day! Diet soda fares no better. In a study of 2,600 adults, those who drank diet soda regularly were 40% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. All in all, if for no other reason than maybe cardiovascular disease runs in your family or you’ve suffered a stroke or heart attack, avoid both regular and diet sugary beverages all together and increase your odds at a long and healthy life!

Liver Disease - Much of the excess sugar from soda and other sugary drinks turn into triglycerides or fatty tissue that surrounds your organs, called visceral fat – as opposed to subcutaneous fat that is stored under your skin. And visceral fat is extremely hard to lose! This visceral fat in turn can result in fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome that contributes to a host of other diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, strokes and coronary heart disease.

Weight Gain - Drinking soda will certainly contribute to weight gain from the added calories from excess sugar, but did you know that even diet soda can lead to pounds? A study presented by the American Diabetes Association revealed that drinking even diet soda can also pack on some pounds. As one of the researchers, Dr. Helen P. Hazuda noted that “They may be free of calories but not free of consequences.”

Osteoporosis - Yes, women who drink just three colas a week had an average 4% more bone loss at important sites – like the hips – than women who drank any other beverage – including non-cola, sugary drinks and sodas a study found. This is because both diet and regular colas contain the flavoring phosphoric acid, causing greater acidity in the blood, and so your body responds by leaching calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acid.

Type 2 Diabetes – Sugary drinks increase the level of fasting glucose and insulin resistance, thus a recent Nurse Health Study looking at 90,000 women revealed that drinking one or more sugary soft drinks (such as soda or juice) were also twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

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