Drop The Soda = Drop Some Weight!

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Drop The Soda = Drop Some Weight!

We all know that what you drink matters as much as what you eat and a new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed just that. The results were astounding. Overweight people who swapped out their caloric drinks for calorie-free options – like simple water – were able to lose four to five pounds over a six-month period. Now before you switch over to diet soda, read our prior posts on diet soda… Studies show that even low calorie and no calorie sodas are unhealthy and are related to other diseases, such as stroke.

The study was comprised of three groups: one group switched to water, one switched to diet soda, and one group did not have to change their drinking habits but were educated on making healthy choices for weight loss. All groups lost some weight, but the groups that switched to water or diet soda were most likely to experience weight loss of 5 percent or more of their body weight. In addition to our exercise programs, we at Evolution Fitness always educate our clients on proper nutrition and healthy eating habits. Time and time again, when our clients learn of the health risks and costs associated with consuming sugary drinks and soda, they cut down dramatically or completely. Within two weeks, we begin to see a difference in our clients. They have more energy, they drop weight more quickly, and they look more vibrant. So if you do one thing in the New Year in addition to regular exercise, do yourself and your body a favor and cut out the sodas and sugary drinks. See for yourself the difference just that can make!

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