In-home training is better and you don’t need lots of expensive equipment to do so… Here’s why

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In-home training is better and you don’t need lots of expensive equipment to do so… Here’s why

In-home training is a popular fitness trend that’s growing as more and more people learn that you don’t need a lot of expensive weights or equipment to meet your fitness goal – whether it’s to lose weight, tone muscle or build strength. People that train in-home have better results on average than those that train at a commercial gym because:

  1. Time. In-home training saves time… a lot of time. How many times have you heard someone say “I know I need to exercise but I can’t seem to find the time.” Training in-home means no commuting, no parking, and no waiting for equipment. Bottom line – in-home training cuts a lot of time and so you’re more likely to train if even with a busy schedule.
  2. Consistency. Have you made that New Year’s resolution and joined that commercial gym, only to stop exercising a few weeks later because life got in the way? Training at home removes many of the obstacles that often lead us to stop exercising. You train when you want, for as long as you want, on the schedule that’s best for you. And the best part is there’s no monthly gym fee. For maximum consistency, hiring an in-home personal fitness trainer will keep you on track. In-home personal trainers motivate you, manage your fitness program and make changes as you develop to ensure progress safely and effectively, and no matter the weather or your level of motivation, you’ll get a knock on your door which means you’ll stick with it… no excuses!
  3. Weather. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s raining, it’s snowing – these are all weather related excuses that can stop you from getting to a commercial gym. But with in-home training, weather is a non-issue. Regardless of the conditions, you’re going to make it back home and have access to your private in-home gym.
  4. Convenience. In-home training is most convenient. If you have small children, there’s no need for a sitter. While commercial gyms have set hours, you can train at home anytime. There’s no competing for equipment or waiting for others to finish using a piece of equipment before you do. Also, if you’re expecting a delivery or a contractor or need to be home for any personal reason, you can still exercise. And after the work out is done, you walk a few steps into your own shower and can get on with your day.
  5. Less germs and bacteria. Commercial gyms are also less sanitary than in-home gyms simply because of the volume of people using the same equipment you do. So if you’re someone that gets sick often, in-home fitness training can significantly diminish the risk of illness from exposure to other members that are ill.

So how much would you need to spend to get a great workout at home and see results?

Most of our in-home clients get a great workout from a minimal investment of $100-$200. These clients typically purchase a BOSU ($100), Step Box ($50) and a few sets of dumbbells. A good fitness company will gratuitously provide you with an accurate assessment and make recommendations so you purchase what you need and save money.

Will I get bored from not having enough exercise choices?

Our clients are never bored by lack of variety in their workouts. In fact, many are pleasantly surprised that with limited equipment, they can get effective workouts. Qualified and experience personal trainers also generally prefer to steer away from exercise machines opting for free weights which work the core more while doing any exercise.

Finding a qualified in-home personal trainer can certainly help you get started and educate you so that you get maximum results without injury. If you’re considering in-home training or finding the right in-home personal trainer to lead you to success, consider the following benefits:

  • No gym membership fees
  • Faster results with consistency, planning and committing to regular exercise
  • Personal trainers supervise and educate you on exercise with proper form – doing the exercises correctly means faster results safely
  • Accountability...on those days you don't feel like working out, there’s no backing out because that doorbell is going to ring – this means you’ll stick with your workouts
  • Better results because in-home personal trainers motivate you to do more than if you were exercising alone
  • In-home training is private and in a familiar environment that’s less intimidating than commercial gyms
  • You don’t need to dress up - wear whatever you like as long as it’s comfortable and doesn’t restrict any of the exercises
  • No wasted time to drive to the gym
  • Listen to music you like while working out
  • You don’t have to worry about seeing anybody you know or hearing others talk loudly during your training session
  • Less exposure to illness from other commercial gym members
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