The Major Reason You’re Not Losing Weight… and it’s not primarily due to your diet!

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The Major Reason You’re Not Losing Weight… and it’s not primarily due to your diet!

New Research Suggests Sitting – and not dieting – Is the Major Reason for Putting on Unwanted Pounds

"By 2030, the World Health Organization estimates that 70% of Americans will be obese. This is an especially troubling figure given that today’s obesity rates are already causing significant strain on the health care system and affecting the US economy."

So, is it that we’re not dieting enough and failing to count our calories or is it that we just aren’t moving enough to burn the calories we consume. Research indicates that it’s the latter. While numerous clinical trials have found that dieting alone is not enough to cause long-term weight loss, recent research has focused on the effects of sitting all day at work, or in your car, or on your couch and it appears inactivity is a bigger threat than even diet.

Weight loss and/or weight gain are the result of the amount of energy you consume (calories) and your lifestyle (how much you move). While unsatisfied hunger leads to appetite, routine consumption of food without increased energy expenditure will lead to uneven energy balance, causing the excess energy to primarily be stored as fat.

The myth – found in thousands of diet books published in the decades past - is that if you consume a certain number of calories, this will result in weight-loss. But clinical trials have consistently proven that diet alone will be ineffective for long-term weight management. In other words, if you want to remain at a certain body weight, you will always have to manage the number of calories you are consuming… forever.

A recent analysis published in The American Journal of Medicine of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that increases in body weight were correlated to decreases in physical activity. The research group out of Stanford University found that from 1994 to 2010, lack of physical activity in US adult women increased from 19.1% to 51.7%, while daily caloric intake stayed relatively stagnant. The data indicates that it’s actually a decrease in movement, and not increased caloric consumption, that is responsible for recent increases in weight amongst Americans. It is also proposed that along with the lack of movement, Americans now tend to eat processed food that promotes fat gain due to insulin response, even though the caloric density is not much different.

Here are some tips to help you get on the right track:

Lifestyle Adjustments

  • Move around, even while seated at a desk, to reduce the negative effect of sedentary behavior on cardiovascular health
  • Set up a timer and get up from your desk every hour to walk around the office and be sure to use the stairs
  • Consider including an evening bike ride around the neighborhood or exercising a few times a week to increase the physical activity factor and reduce health risk
  • Find social events that include physical activity and reduced emphasis on consuming alcoholic beverages or empty calories (sodas and hot dogs, etc.)


  • Maximize caloric expenditure with a variety of aerobic exercises to maintain muscle balance and reduce boredom. Swimming, rowing, cycling or running are all great choices
  • Cardio circuits can also be used, blending anaerobic with aerobic activities. Three minutes of jogging separated by various bodyweight exercises such as lunges, push-ups, pull-ups and abdominal curl-ups; stations exist in most parks and can be found using a quick Internet search
  • Anaerobic exercises (exercises with weights) should always be included to preserve lean muscle mass


  • Focus on promoting healthy choices, and stay away from “fad” diets
  • Talk to a certified personal trainer or your doctor and find out what your healthy daily caloric intake should be
  • Identify foods that you’re consuming that are sabotaging your progress
  • Encourage consumption of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grain products

For more information and to schedule a consulation with a personal trainer, contact Evolution Fitness today!

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