Weight Loss Supplements Don’t Work For Most, Study Finds

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Weight Loss Supplements Don’t Work For Most, Study Finds

A Consumer Reports Survey shows that most people who use weight loss supplements aren’t aware of how potentially unsafe or ineffective they are. Of those that tried supplements to lose weight, very few met their goal. This echos our experience as dieticians and personal trainers in St. Louis.

Of 3,000 Americans, researchers report that most consumers are confused about how supplements make it to the market, what agency regulates them, and aren’t fully aware of how save or effective they are.

Here’s what you need to know about Supplements:

  • Supplements are not regulated like prescription drugs – they are assumed safe unless they are shown not to be by reports from consumers.
  • Manufacturers are not required to perform rigorous safety and effectiveness testing for approval.

While 20% of those surveyed believed supplements safer than prescription drugs because they were “natural”, recent studies revealed that many supplements contain substances banned for safety concerns. In fact, in one study two-thirds of weight loss supplements contained banned ingredients.

Side Effects

About half of consumers reported at least one side effect including dry mouth, diarrhea and constipation, and rapid heart rate.

They don’t work

91% people taking weight loss supplements lost no weight. Only 9% lost weight and kept it off, but 85% of those people also exercised and changed their diets.

Bottom Line

Weight loss doesn’t come in a pill, it comes with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep!

If you’re struggling with weight loss, our licensed dietician and personal trainer can help you get started today. Evolution Fitness offers nutritional counseling in St. Louis and in-home personal training in St. Louis or at our gym location in Brentwood. Don’t wait! Pick up the phone or contact us here to get healthy today!

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