Manage Your Weight In Winter – 5 Tips

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Manage Your Weight In Winter – 5 Tips

With artic temperatures knocking on our doors this week, here are some simple tips from our St. Louis nutrition coach to help you maintain a healthy weight when it’s just too cold to exercise outdoors or even get to your gym.

1. What are you drinking?

Stop drinking all those calories you don’t need. Processed fruit juices and sodas are loaded with sugar and actually promote weight gain. Even those creamy hot drinks – the lattes, pumpkin or otherwise – are often high in calories.

Tip: Wean yourself off high calorie drinks. Buy natural fruit juice (no added sugars) and gradually add water to it. Work more water in until you reach a level you are happy with. Also, you can add fruit slices, drink an herbal or flavored hot tea, or make your own lattes using lower calorie milk and a pinch of sugar if needed.

2. Eat real food.

Health is often sacrificed for convenience. We are all guilty. But self-care – taking time to care for yourself with proper diet, sleep and exercise – can help us take better care of others too. Instead of low-quality fast food or microwaveable processed foods, take the time to stick with whole natural foods.

Tip: Drive the extra mile if you are short on time for a burrito with a whole-wheat wrap, brown rice, beans, your choice of meat or go to your supermarket and take a look at their prepared foods section. Most supermarkets often have higher quality natural foods priced similarly to what you’d pay for that unhealthy fast food choice.

3. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

Eating breakfast – and we don’t mean to the level of your Sunday routine – contributes to a healthy body weight. The Mayo Clinic reported that regularly eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose excess weight and maintain your weight loss.

Tip: Oatmeal, eggs, real yogurt with berries, a smoothie, or an avocado toast are simple breakfast options that all take less than ten minutes to prepare and will often prevent you from reaching out for an unhealthy snack bar at 10am.

4. In as little as 30 minutes, plan your meals for the week

This is not meant to be a rigid rule because we all know our circumstances can change daily – meetings can turn into business dinners, maybe even an unexpected date! But a simple general plan can help you save money and eat healthy. Pick 2 or 3 meals you can make – and if you like left overs – make a little extra and take it in to work for lunch! This will help your budget. Meals should contain a balance of vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbohydrates and fats. Search the web and find a new an interesting recipe.

Tip: Don’t forget snacks and meals on the go. Keep the following around to help: fresh-fruit, chopped fresh veggies, whole-grain bread, cheese, eggs, nuts and seeds. Consider cooking on Sundays a meal or two and keeping them in your refrigerator for those late nights at work. Guilt free healthy eating anytime of day or night, and best part is you prepared it so you know what’s in it and that it was prepared just how you like it.

5. Choose right when dining out.

It happens so be prepared. Your food choices matter and even though your mind may try to debate you – “It’s just tonight so I will splurge… I love macaroni and cheese!” – fight the urge! It can be easier to eat healthy at a restaurant because there are always at least some healthy options on the menu.

Tip: Pick a cheat day for the week. Allowing yourself to eat something that you know is not the best choice at least one day a week will help you be good on the other days. If dining out, pick dishes that contain no fried meats or fried fish/seafood. Choose lean meats, whole grains, or a healthy salad minus the ranch dressing – tons of fat. Choose healthy vinaigrette!

Start by incorporating a couple of our tips above and after it becomes habit, then consider incorporating another. As personal trainers in Saint Louis, part of our service includes guidance on nutrition and diet. We also offer nutritional coaching for those looking to learn more about food or what foods can help manage disease such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes amongst others. If you are interested in learning more about achieving a healthier you through diet and exercise, contact us here.

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