5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results From Your Workouts

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5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results From Your Workouts

As professional personal trainers in St. Louis, time and time again, people contact us with the same frustration – “I’ve been doing all of the ‘right things’ but when I get on the scale, I’ve not lost a pound!” While we are all different, here are five reasons why you may not be seeing results at the gym.

1 - Proper Nutrition

What you’re nourishing your body with is just as important as your workout. You can work out five days a week and burn hundreds of calories but if you are not fueling or nourishing yourself properly, all the hard work will be squandered. Our registered dietitian nutritionist recommends you make sure you diet is rich in protein, vegetables, fruits and good fats. Substitute quinoa (high protein grain) for pasta, salmon over steak. Split your meals: 7am breakfast, 10am snack, 1pm lunch, 4pm snack and 7pm dinner.

2 - Lack of Periodization

“Periodization” refers to periodic changes to your workout regimen. This is highly overlooked. Have you been doing the same routine, in the same order, with the same amount of weight, for the same number of reps? This won’t bring on any new results because the human body needs variety. Would you eat the same lunch for a year? No, you’d get tired of it and crave something different. The body is no different. It needs to be fed a different workout plan every so often to keep it from getting stale.

Change your workout every three to four weeks. The change will shock your muscles and force them to work harder. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll see results.

3 - Lack of Intensity

How can you tell if you’re working hard enough? Sweat. Sweat means results. Breathing is another good indicator, with heavy breathing signaling your body is working hard. Is your heart rate increasing? If so, you’re moving into the training zone. Moseying around the gym chit chatting or stopping your workout at home to do little tasks won’t give you results.

4 - Compound Exercises

If you’ve been training one muscle group every time you work out, consider changing it up. Compound exercises – where you work different muscle groups simultaneously – are a great way to jolt or shock your body into changing for the better. Examples include a squat or lunge with a bicep curl or shoulder press, a step up with a tricep kickback, and a plank with a dumbbell row.

5 - Overtraining

Most of you are probably thinking, “Overtraining? I thought more gym time produced better and faster results?!?” Generally that’s true. But rest and recovery are just as important as the actual workout. If you don’t give your body enough rest after your intense workouts, your body will not produce lean muscle mass. It will do the opposite and burn muscle. This is called muscle glycogen depletion. Worse, people who overtrain often do so to the point of injury so make sure you get your rest.

Remember fitness is different for everyone and what works for some may not work for you. When you discover what works for you, run with it. And if you stumble along the way, consider the assistance of a qualified and experienced St Louis personal trainer to guide you and lead you to success!

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