6 Reasons Exercise Won’t Counterbalance an Unhealthy Diet

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6 Reasons Exercise Won’t Counterbalance an Unhealthy Diet

6 Reasons Exercise Won’t Counterbalance an Unhealthy Diet

Think of that time in your life when you never had to think about calories. A time you could consume an endless supply of pizza and stayed thin as a rail. How times have changed! But even if you exercise around the clock, your body won’t transform if you repeatedly give into cravings for high-fat foods and sweets. Flat abs are made in the kitchen and polished at the gym. No amount of cardio or sit-ups will sculpt your midsection if you put no thought into the foods you eat.

Here are 6 reasons you can’t undo a cheeseburger, fries and a milk shake at the gym:

1. You’re probably not a professional athlete.

And if so, no amount of spin or weight training will justify a high fat meal. Endless resources on the web can help you determine how many calories you are burning while you exercise. A long run of about 3 miles will generally burn between 400 and 500 calories depending on your pace. Some Starbucks lattes have more calories than that! So if you think about it, do you want your 30 minutes on that treadmill to just burn your morning cup of joe? Or do you want to drink tea or simple coffee and burn the calories off your midline?

Opt for grilled as opposed to fried, vegetables as opposed to high starch foods, and natural sugars (fruits) as opposed to sweets. It’s OK to have a cheat meal here and there, but make it a bi-weekly or weekly habit as opposed to daily.

2. You’ll never reach your goal if you are overdoing it with the wrong foods.

Focus on eating whole foods and avoid processed. Muscles really like healthy carbohydrates and protein. If you are putting in the effort at the gym, put in the effort in your kitchen. Think of your body like the common houseplant. If you water it and fertilize it, it will blossom and flourish. But if you are inconsistent with watering, sun and fertilizing, it won’t ever look it’s best. So too your body, as it repairs and begins to change, needs the right nutrition to blossom and give you the result you are looking for.

3. You’ll have little energy to exercise.

If your goal is to make a life change, you’ll need to exercise regularly and put effort into it. Eating unhealthy foods will simply not give you the energy and endurance you will need to push through those hard workouts. In fact, some can even make you feel slow and less driven. You’ll need a combination of carbohydrates (veggies, brown rice, quinoa) and protein (lean meats, protein shakes) to recover after.

4. You’ll skip more workouts.

When you eat well, you’re simply more motivated to move and to make it count. It’s like putting your exercise regimen into turbo charge. Think about fad diets that are all about high fats from meats and no carbohydrates. Diets like those will weaken training adaptations and hinder your performance.

5. You’re body won’t tone up. If you consume excess calories that simply cannot be burnt off during exercise, those calories will make their way into your arms, abs, thighs and butt.

Even if you are lifting weights and building muscle, you’ll be covering it all with a layer of fat. In fact, abdominal exercises won’t decrease your body fat percentage or abdominal fat, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

6. You may get sick or even get hurt.

On the other side of the coin, starving yourself or low-fat/carb diets can lead to micronutrient deficiencies and inflammation and both can make you more susceptible to injury. A study found that not consuming enough healthy fats – yes, healthy fats – could raise your chances for overuse injuries like tendonitis and even stress fractures. And pairing a low-fat diet with intense exercise will compromise your immune system.

Stop sabotaging yourself with unhealthy food choices –or- torturing yourself with a fad diet or starvation. It’s not very complicated. The recipe is whole foods, 1 part protein, 2 parts veggies or a mix of veggies and healthy carbs, and get your sugar from natural sources like fruit or honey. That paired with regular exercise will get you to your goal, and better yet, keep you there! Remember, exercise will help you lose weight, but your food choices will drive your success!

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If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please call the National Eating Disorder Association at 1-800-931-2237.

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