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St. Louis Fitness Blog | Exercise and Health News | Nutrition Tips

As professional personal trainers in St. Louis, time and time again, people contact us with the same frustration – “I’ve been doing all of the ‘right things’ but when I get on the scale, I’ve not lost a pound!” While we are all different, here are five reasons why you may not be seeing results at the gym.

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Ever starve yourself or severely restrict your diet to lose unwanted pounds? Or are you an emotional eater? A binger? Often, we accept misleading beliefs about food, even make food our enemy – it’s what causes us to feel or look less than ideal in our own eyes. But have you ever examined those belief systems that haven’t served you in the past? Have you ever stopped the hamster wheel and gone within to understand how you see food and how you manage your own nutrition? Here are 14 behaviors people with a healthy relationship with food routinely do. Our Registered Dietician Nutritionist in St Louis offers 14 tips to help you maintain a healthier relationship with food.

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